Episode 49

All is Well with My Soul: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Overall Wellbeing

With so much attention being paid to veterinary wellbeing over the past few years, we all know by now that a person’s health goes far beyond just the physical. Not only does mental wellness have an impact on overall health, but so do the everyday stresses of life—from legal to financial to personal and everything in between.

More and more, employers are realizing that personal problems don’t necessarily stay personal. They inevitably bleed into work and affect job performance, morale, productivity, and more. That’s why employee assistance programs (EAPs) are growing in popularity—and why OVMA recently partnered with CorpCare to provide its members with the support they need in all aspects of life. 

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Nicole Browning, who gives us an in-depth look at this new member offering. You’ll be surprised to hear how much it covers—and even more surprised to find out how affordable it is!

In part two, we resume our Meet the Board series with newly installed OVMA Director At Large, Dr. Allison Lash.

Note: We’ll be back on May 2nd with the second episode of our Veterinary Medicine & the Media Series with Dr. Courtney Campbell.

Episode Guests


Nicole Browning


A licensed professional counselor with 15+ years of clinical experience, Nicole is a client manager at CorpCare.
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Dr. Allison Lash is the medical director at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, where she works closely with the humane investigations team.
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Cover Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

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