Episode 85

The Buck Stops Here: Preventing Chronic Wasting Disease in Ohio Deer

Across the scenic landscape of Ohio, where the cervid industry plays a significant role in the state’s economy, the threat of chronic wasting disease (CWD) looms large. Although only a few dozen captive and wild deer have been identified in Ohio, officials at the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) aren’t taking chances: With no available vaccine or treatment for this fatal neurodegenerative disease, an epidemic could have a catastrophic effect on both the economy and environment.

On this episode, we welcome back Dr. Liane Davila-Martin, whose job at ODA is to ensure CWD stays in check. As a veterinary epidemiologist, her goal is to assess the risks and analyze data to predict—and help prevent—CWD outbreaks in Ohio’s deer populations. Through initiatives like the CWD Herd Certification Program, Dr. Davila-Martin and her colleagues are working tirelessly to control and prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

In the interview, Dr. Davila-Martin reviews the clinical signs of chronic wasting disease, explains the reporting requirements, and explores the role of ODA’s cervid health program.

Episode Guest


Liane Davila-Martin


Puerto Rico-born Dr. Davila-Martin is a passionate advocate of diversity and inclusion in veterinary medicine. A graduate of Ohio State, she holds a master’s in public health and a veterinary medical degree. She is currently an epidemiologist at the Ohio Department of Agriculture in the cervid program. | Learn More »

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