99. Making Pawsitive Connections: Networking Strategies for Veterinary Professionals

Feb 21, 2024548
For veterinary professionals, connecting with animals is easy, but when it comes to connecting with humans, some of us aren’t nearly as comfortable. But with a little practice, networking can become much easier.

98. Beyond the Lecture Hall: Getting the Most of Your MVC Experience

Feb 14, 2024408
The Midwest Veterinary Conference is known for its outstanding education, but don’t miss out on everything the event—and the host city—has to offer!

97. Weighing Options: A Spectrum of Care to Meet Every Patient’s Needs

Feb 7, 2024550
Not everyone can afford the “gold standard,” nor does everyone want lengthy or difficult treatments for their pets. But that doesn’t mean they have no options.

96. Making a Difference for Vulnerable Animals & Their Families

Jan 31, 2024430
Two lifelong animal advocates join us to share insight into what led them to devote their careers to protecting animals—and their people.

95. Antimicrobial Stewardship: Finding the Path of Least Resistance

Jan 24, 2024159
In this episode, MVC2024 speaker Dr. Christy King joins us to talk about renewed interest in antimicrobial resistance and share a sneak peek into programming at next month’s conference. Episode Guest Listen Now!

94. Smooth Sailing: Charting a Course for a Successful Mentorship Program

Jan 17, 2024343
With so much to learn and only four years of vet school in which to learn it, having someone around who can show you the ropes may be the difference between staying on board and jumping ship.

93. Chill Out: Conditioning a Relaxation Response in Animals

Jan 10, 2024509
Relaxing on command is difficult for people, not to mention for dogs and cats. But conditioning a relaxation response can have widespread applications for veterinary professionals and pet owners.

92. Right on the Money: Managing Your Costs to Boost Profitability

Dec 20, 2023403
Unless you have a money tree, you need to be strategic about your finances! But ensuring your practice offers high-quality care at a competitive price is a tricky balance.

91. Fishful Thinking: Navigating the Currents of Aquatic Veterinary Medicine

Dec 13, 2023958
With the growing popularity of aquariums, the demand for fish healthcare is on the rise. Yet, the world of aquatic veterinary medicine remains a niche within the broader field.

90. A World of Hurt: Feeling the Pains of the Opioid Crisis

Dec 6, 2023413
Increasing regulations have made many opioids difficult to obtain or more cumbersome to use, forcing practitioners to explore alternative pain management strategies and medications in an effort to maintain the same level of care.

89. Beyond the Barn: The Urban Farm Animal Dilemma

Nov 29, 2023479
More pet owners are opting for non-traditional animals like pygmy goats and potbellied pigs. But what happens when they can no longer care for farm animals in their urban homes?

88. Hormones out of Harmony: Decoding Endocrine Diseases in Pets

Nov 22, 2023448
Navigating the intricacies of endocrine disorders in pets poses a multifaceted challenge for veterinarians treating these patients.

87. Open Wide! Brushing Up on Veterinary Dentistry

Nov 15, 2023530
When the majority of cats and dogs have some degree of periodontal disease, it is more important than ever to educate clients on the importance of regular dental cleanings for their pets. 

86. Purrmission Granted: Asking Animals for Consent for Better Vet Visits

Nov 8, 2023602
Implementing permission-seeking protocols with animals could have dramatic effects, says behavior consultant and MVC 2024 speaker Steve Dale.

85. The Buck Stops Here: Preventing Chronic Wasting Disease in Ohio Deer

Oct 25, 2023362
Agriculture is big business in Ohio, which means keeping the state’s deer populations healthy is an important initiative for wildlife and agriculture officials.

84. A World of Difference: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in Vet Med & Beyond

Oct 11, 2023477
Almost a quarter of the 85 million pet owners in the U.S. are Hispanic—but only 5% of veterinarians are.

83. Top Five Current Regulatory Issues You Need to Know

Sep 20, 2023789
It may not be exciting, but there are regulations that every practicing veterinarian needs to know about. Take 20 minutes to find out what the most important current issues are—and you could save yourself a lot of angst!

82. The Horse Workforce: Navigating the Equine Veterinarian Shortage

Aug 30, 2023977
Like most issues facing the veterinary profession, the equine vet shortage didn’t happen overnight, and there isn’t a simple one-size-fits-all solution.

81. All the Feels: Using Empathy to Connect with Clients

Aug 16, 2023707
Being able to understand the feelings of others helps us establish stronger connections with both colleagues and clients, which in turn increases compliance and improves medical outcomes.

80. Under Control: Xylazine Moved to Schedule III Status

Aug 2, 2023928
Earlier this year, Ohio was one of the first states to make xylazine a Schedule III controlled drug. How has this move affected veterinary medicine?

79. The Five: Your Dream Team for Success

Jul 12, 2023747
Is it true that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with? Find out how to choose the right people to maximize your success.

78. A Bum Rap: Changing Perceptions about Animal Control

Jun 28, 2023727
It’s time to dispel the myths about the old-fashioned dog catcher in order to foster positive relationships between animal control officers and the community.

77. Stress Less, Part II: Implementing Herbal Medicine in Your Practice

May 31, 2023657
Interested in learning more about herbal medicine and maybe even offering it to clients? In this episode, we’ll explore how you can get started.

76. Stress Less, Part I: Herbal Medicine for People + Pets

May 17, 2023496
Relieving stress and anxiety is often a trial-and-error approach with no one-size-fits-all solution. Can you use herbal supplements to achieve better outcomes for your patients?

75. Down the Rabbit Hole: The Status of RHDV2 in Ohio & Beyond

May 3, 20231110
After the first U.S. case was identified in 2018 in Medina County, the disease has spread across the country, decimating both wild and domestic rabbit populations.

74. The Secret Formula of Life, Part III: Using Your Power for Good

Apr 19, 2023688
What happens when something outside your control zaps your energy? Like any superhero, we need to use our powers for good, not evil!

73. The Secret Formula of Life, Part II: Vanquishing the Villain Voices

Apr 5, 2023817
Once we have achieved self-awareness, we can use the secret formula to begin reprogramming our brain’s default responses and gradually improve our experience.

72. The Secret Formula of Life, Part I: Harnessing Your EQ Superpower

Mar 22, 2023978
How can having a high emotional intelligence (or EQ) help us find happiness, success, and fulfillment across all facets of our lives? In this episode, we dive in to the secret formula.

71. Explore the 614: Columbus Attractions & Activities for MVC Attendees

Feb 15, 2023644
The MVC is here! You’ve heard all about the programming, but what about the after-hours activities? We’ve got a Columbus visitor’s guide in this episode.

70. Treat the Whole Patient: Customizing Care with Homeopathic Remedies

Feb 8, 2023852
Synergy is more than a corporate buzzword. The concept that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts is the foundation of holistic medicine, which aims to treat the entire patient.

69. Veterinary Detectives: Using Cytology to Solve Medical Mysteries

Feb 1, 2023526
Like many of the higher sciences, cytology can be intimidating to general practitioners. For some, it’s just easier to refer clients to specialists. But it doesn’t always have to be difficult!

68. Picture This: Diagnostic Imaging for the General Practitioner

Jan 25, 2023862
There’s no need to get board certified and become a specialist to use radiology in your practice. Dr. Marc Seitz has some useful, practical tips and tricks for small animal practitioners.

67. Behind the Badge: Keepin’ It Humane

Jan 18, 2023843
Though not used as much nowadays, the old-fashioned term “dogcatcher” has had a lasting negative impact on the animal control profession and the public’s perception of it.

66. Becoming the Modern Veterinary Professional

Jan 11, 2023794
No longer do you need to be stuck, broke, and frustrated in your career! You can take back control and ultimately gain more time, more money, and more impact—both in your professional and personal life.

65. Til the Cows Come Home: Dairy Cattle Veterinary Medicine

Jan 4, 2023948
In this episode, get a sneak peek at dairy cattle-focused programming at the 2023 MVC.

64. The Bare Necessities: Natural Remedies in Veterinary Medicine

Dec 21, 2022811
Scientific advances have made modern veterinary treatments very effective, but what do you do when conventional options have run out? For Dr. Alexia Tsakiris, the answer is to get back to nature.

63. Emotional Intelligence & the Voices in our Heads

Dec 14, 2022975
The voices in our heads aren’t always a sign of mental illness: Sometimes, they can help you become more self-aware, and in so doing, become a happier, healthier, more productive person.

62. The Eyes Have It: Bringing Ophthalmic Exams into Focus

Dec 7, 2022772
For many general practitioners, ophthalmology is intimidating. But there are ways to simplify eye exams and make accurate diagnoses using simple tools you already have on hand.

61. The Power of Trust: Establishing Client Relationships

Nov 23, 2022914
The key to a positive relationship is a solid foundation of trust, and that is especially true when it comes to relationships with clients.

60. Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

Nov 16, 2022802
On today’s episode, get a glimpse into life as an exotic animal veterinarian—and a sneak peek at the Pet Animal Exotics track at the 2023 Midwest Veterinary Conference.

59. Invest in their Success: Behind Ohio’s New CVA Program

Nov 9, 20221093
Empowering your staff to further their knowledge is one of the most impactful ways to support them and contribute to their success—and yours. With a new OVMA program, it’s easier than ever to achieve.

58. Fighting the Good Fight: Resolving Conflict & Reducing Stress at Work

Oct 19, 2022844
Stress and conflict are inevitable, but they’re not inherently bad. Whether you flounder or flourish in the face of stress is largely up to you.

57. Battle lines: Identifying Conflict & Stress at Work

Oct 5, 20221313
In today’s demanding world, conflict abounds—among colleagues, clients, family, and even strangers. But even though you can’t avoid it, you can control how you respond to it.

56. Girl Power: The Rise of Female Leaders in Veterinary Medicine

Jul 25, 20221016
Previous generations of female veterinarians worked hard to be accepted into a male-dominated profession and paved the way for their successors—whether they knew it or not.

55. Tech Support, Part III: Searching for Solutions

Jul 11, 20221744
How can veterinarians and practice owners improve the technician experience to keep them happy, healthy, and employed? Our panelists offer suggestions in this series conclusion.

54. Tech Support, Part II: One Problem, Many Voices

Jun 27, 20221326
As with any complex problem, there are multiple sides to the technician staffing shortage. In this episode, we explore a trio of unique but intertwined perspectives: Those of the veterinary technician, the practice owner, and the educator.

53. Tech Support, Part I: The Root of the Problem

Jun 13, 20221367
What is behind the widespread shortage of technicians, and what can be done to reverse it? It’s a complicated question many organizations are asking but no one has yet been able to answer.

52. NABV: Changing Face of Veterinary Medicine

May 30, 20221745
Though the National Association of Black Veterinarians is still in its infancy, the organization is helping to grow a community of BIPOC veterinarians across the country.

51. More Than Just an Animal: Pets Help the Heart Heal

May 16, 20221417
Aside from the companionship, simply owning a pet can help reduce stress, increase physical activity, boost immunity, and improve cardiovascular health. For Dr. Stephanie Jones, the heart health benefits are paramount.

50. When Media Calls, Part 2: Handling Difficult Questions

May 2, 20221094
Media interviews are a snap when you know what to expect, but how do you handle difficult questions—and keep your anxiety in check?

49. All is Well with My Soul: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Overall Wellbeing

Apr 18, 20221620
More employers are realizing that personal problems don’t necessarily stay personal—they inevitably bleed into work. That’s why employee assistance programs provide support for all aspects of life, not just the job-related parts.

48. When Media Calls, Part 1: Confident Communication is Key

Apr 4, 20221444
With the population of pet owners growing larger every day, and the volume of unreliable sources increasing exponentially, it is more important than ever to ensure the public is getting accurate information from the actual experts.

47. Large Animal Abuse: Learning to Listen to Your Spidey Senses

Mar 21, 20221907
Although egregious animal cruelty is easy to spot, there are more subtle forms of abuse that can be difficult to define—especially in those species you rarely, if ever, work with.

46. Coming Home to Roost: Backyard Poultry for Small Animal Vets

Feb 8, 2022801
Interest in keeping backyard poultry has been increasing—but the number of veterinarians who see poultry hasn’t. How can small animal veterinarians evolve to fill this growing need?

45. Essential Oil Essentials: Stop and Smell the Healing

Jan 24, 2022763
Holistic therapies are growing in popularity among humans, and that trend is spilling over into the animal world as well. Is this something you should consider adding to your practice?

44. Cat Chat: Learning How to Speak Feline

Jan 17, 2022689
Known for being fastidious and aloof, cats are masters at hiding illness—which makes recognizing and interpreting their subtle behaviors all the more important.

43. Digital Marketing Mastermind: Increasing Your Practice’s Visibility Online

Jan 10, 2022732
In a world where people are increasingly spending their time online, developing an effective digital marketing plan is a must. But with so many options out there, where do you even start?

42. The Power of Poop: Fecal Transplants for Treating Disease

Jan 3, 2022651
Poop: It’s more than just something that people find gross, fascinating, or grossly fascinating. In fact, veterinary researchers are investigating ways to turn it into a cure.

41. Liquid Gold: Hunting for Treasure in Tinkle

Dec 13, 2021821
It’s definitely not glamorous, but conducting urinalyses is a necessary part of veterinary medicine—and a critical component of ensuring animal wellness.

40. In the Big Leagues: Large Animal Medicine for Technicians

Dec 6, 2021700
Veterinary technicians play a vital role on critical care and surgical teams, but are they ready to deal with large animal emergencies?

39. Just Keep Swimming: How Water Quality Affects Fish Health

Nov 29, 2021806
Aquaculture is a growing area of veterinary medicine, but few veterinarians have extensive experience treating fish patients, making an already tricky science even trickier.

38. In Case of Emergency: Gaining Confidence for Critical Care Cases

Nov 19, 2021680
When it comes to emergencies, veterinary professionals need to be able to think on their feet and make fast decisions.

37. Taking Stock: Inventory Management for Veterinary Practices

Nov 16, 2021693
Inventory management is something that many veterinary practices struggle with, but when stock makes up the second-largest expense, learning how to properly manage your inventory is a necessary evil.

36. Down on the Farm: The Life of a Rural Veterinarian

Aug 23, 2021634
Rural veterinarians are in short supply, growing ever more scarce as practitioners increasingly opt to work in urban and suburban areas. But for a select few, life as a rural veterinarian has infinitely more appeal.

35. Finding Safe Harbor: Online Refuge for Veterinarians

Aug 9, 2021591
With ever-increasing pressure on veterinary practices to stay afloat in a sea of competition, stress is at an all-time high. Now more than ever, veterinarians need a place to find shelter from the storm.

34. Digital Footprints: Improved Tracking of Animal Movements

Jul 26, 2021817
Besides being a thing of the past, paper-based health certificates are inefficient, time consuming, and prone to errors. Is it time to make the switch to electronic CVIs?

33. Raise Your VOICE: Speaking Up for Diversity

Jul 12, 2021664
Dozens of affinity groups are working hard to make veterinary medicine more diverse, but the road ahead is long and difficult. How can you help make the profession more inclusive?

32. Safe Haven: Community for Black Veterinary Students

Jun 28, 2021641
For minority groups, finding a community of peers in a highly homogenous profession can be difficult. At The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, inclusivity is all important.

31. Taking Pride: Establishing an Inclusive Veterinary Community

Jun 14, 20211303
In this episode, we celebrate Pride Month to reinforce the importance of DEI in veterinary medicine and to raise awareness of the struggles minority groups face in a largely homogeneous profession.

30. Inside the Complaint Department: Common Licensing Board Cases

Jun 1, 2021587
When a veterinarian or technician is the subject of a complaint, no matter how big or small the grievance is, the situation is stressful. In this episode, OVMLB representatives explain what to expect.

29. The Cost of Wellbeing: Who Pays the Price?

May 17, 2021672
Mental health problems have a way of spiraling out of control, affecting both the individual and everyone around her. How do you prevent that from happening, and what do you do if it does?

28. Wellness in the Veterinary Profession: The Perfect Storm?

May 3, 2021625
What do you get when you put empathic caregivers known to neglect their own health into a high-stress, demanding profession? The perfect storm.

27. Reporting Animal Abuse: From Ethical Responsibility to Legal Requirement

Apr 19, 2021799
Although reporting cases of animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect has always been a moral obligation in the veterinary community, a newly enacted Ohio law has made it mandatory.

26. Shades of Gray: How to Identify Reportable Cases of Abuse

Apr 5, 2021678
Since spring of 2021, Ohio veterinarians are mandatory reporters of animal abuse, but making that determination isn’t as easy as it sounds.

25. Grassroots Roundup: Loan assistance, animal abuse & humane law

Jan 25, 2021559
In this episode, OVMA Government Relations Director Michael Guastella joins Mia to discuss three major bills that were recently signed into law by Gov. Mike DeWine.

24. Old Dog, New Tricks: Virtual MVC Preview

Jan 11, 20211157
For decades, the MVC has offered an unparalleled experience for thousands of veterinary professionals. Going virtual this year won’t end the tradition!

23. Accident or Abuse? How to Differentiate

Nov 23, 2020657
Animal cruelty: It’s something no veterinarian wants to see but inevitably will at some point. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to handle a suspected case of abuse before it shows up at your clinic.

22. Log on for Learning: MVC 2021 Veers into Virtual

Nov 2, 2020582
Next year, the Midwest Veterinary Conference will be hosted on a web-based platform. What does that mean for the fifth-largest vet convention in North America?

21. Radical Candor: Reflecting on Racism in Social Settings

Oct 19, 2020738
As the old adage goes, you should never talk about politics at the dinner table—or should you? In this episode, we discuss the sticky subject of dealing with racism from friends and family members.

20. Diversity Discussions: Tough Talks with Family & Friends

Oct 5, 2020570
Talking about racism may be uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary part of change. How do you broach such a controversial topic in your social circles?

19. Balancing Act: How to “Do it All” without Neglecting Yourself

Sep 21, 2020584
With so many demands on your time and attention, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s hope! All you need is to get organized. But where do you start?

18. College in the Age of COVID

Sep 8, 2020557
When hands-on experiences are such an important part of veterinary education, how can the model be adapted to keep everyone safe without impacting the quality of learning?

17. Veterinary Medicine: The Whitest of Them All

Aug 23, 2020716
The veterinary profession has historically been the least diverse field in the U.S. In this episode, we break down how to reverse this deep-rooted trend.

16. Discussing Racism: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Aug 10, 2020648
Dr. Mia Cary returns to the show to break down the complicated and layered subject of racism and discrimination—and why we must all “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” in order to effect change.

15. Full Speed Ahead: A Journey to End Cancer for All Species

Jul 27, 2020662
One day, a cure for cancer will be discovered—but for Dr. Michelle Harcha, “one day” isn’t soon enough.

14. For the Record: Patient Record Keeping Q&A

Jul 10, 2020740
In this episode, we drill OVMA Executive Director Jack Advent on Ohio’s veterinary record-keeping laws.

13. Veterinary Forensic Files: Investigating & Prosecuting Animal Crimes

Jun 26, 2020747
Forensic veterinary medicine has become an important part of today’s criminal justice system—in large part thanks to Dr. Melinda Merck’s efforts in the field.

12. Care for the Caregiver: Wellness Resources for Veterinary Professionals

Jun 15, 2020717
Though mental illness has traditionally been considered a taboo topic, the mental health—or lack thereof—of veterinary professionals has become a hot topic.

11. Emerging From Crisis: Finding the New “Normal”

Jun 1, 2020595
One month has passed since veterinary practices in Ohio were permitted to resume full-service operations. How has the “normal” landscape changed in the veterinary profession?

10. Putting it into Practice: A Telemedicine Case Study

May 18, 2020613
Now that you’ve learned the benefits of telemedicine and gotten advice on what to consider before implementation, let’s put theory into practice!

09. Taking the Plunge: A Deep Dive into Telehealth

May 4, 2020665
Now is the perfect time to dive in to telemedicine, but the process can be intimidating. In this episode, our tele-technology consultant will teach you how to swim in these uncharted waters.

08. Money Matters: Financial Strategies in Uncertain Times

Apr 20, 2020560
The coronavirus pandemic has hit humanity hard in every aspect of life, not the least of which is the economy. How can how practice owners protect their staff and ensure the viability of their businesses during this crisis and into the future?

07. Weathering the Storm: Staying Well in Times of Crisis

Apr 6, 2020663
When very little is certain and all you can do is contemplate worst-case scenarios, how do you prevent mental health issues from spiraling?

06. Veterinary Telemedicine: Embracing the Technology

Mar 23, 2020642
Even without a global public health emergency, telemedicine is an invaluable tool for any veterinarian to have in their arsenal.

05. Creating Community: Diversity in Veterinary Medicine

Mar 9, 2020590
Veterinary medicine is known to be one of the least diverse professions in America, which can create fertile ground for discrimination and marginalization.

04. Pay it Forward: Volunteers in Veterinary Medicine

Feb 24, 2020640
Studies have shown that being an active member of a trade organization makes professionals more successful than their non-member colleagues. But how can you get involved?

03. CBD Products in Veterinary Medicine: Clearing the Haze

Feb 10, 2020676
CBD products seem to be everywhere—from beauty salons to grocery stores to the internet—and rumors of its virtues have spread from coast to coast. With this growing popularity, veterinarians have been fielding questions from curious clients who want an alternative method to cure Fluffy or Fido of their ailments.

02. Buried Alive in Loans: Digging Your Way Out of Debt

Jan 27, 2020732
It’s a well-known fact that post-graduate education—especially veterinary school—is expensive, and crippling student loan debt has become a hot topic of discussion in the veterinary community.

01. Sick as a Pig? Preparing for African Swine Fever

Jan 13, 2020550
Although ASF has not yet been detected in the United States, the possibility of the disease’s appearance has become a hot topic of conversation in the veterinary community.