Episode 44

Cat Chat: Learning How to Speak Feline

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Known for being fastidious and aloof, cats are masters at hiding illness—which makes recognizing and interpreting their subtle behaviors all the more important.

In this episode, self-described “cat person” and MVC speaker Dr. Carlo Siracusa joins us for a chat about cats. When it comes to cat communication, he literally wrote the book on it: Co-author of Decoding Your Cat, he is also the 2021-2022 president of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. His upcoming Animal Behavior track at the Midwest Veterinary Conference will explore normal (“species typical”) but problematic behaviors, creating a cat-friendly home, feline aggression, behaviors that hide medical problems, and more. Tune in now for a sneak peek!

Episode Guest


Carlo Siracusa


An ACVB diplomate, Dr. Siracusa is a professor of clinical animal behavior and welfare at the University of Pennsylvania.
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