Episode 05

Creating Community: Diversity in Veterinary Medicine

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Veterinary medicine is known to be one of the whitest and most conservative professions in America, which can create fertile ground for discrimination and marginalization. But over the past few decades, a group of advocates and allies has become increasingly vocal about inclusion and diversity in the profession.

In this episode, recorded at the 2020 Midwest Veterinary Conference, we sit down with one of the movement’s most loyal and outspoken allies. Dr. Mia Carey is a self-proclaimed “change agent” and the CEO of PRIDE Veterinary Medical Community, an ever-evolving group that aims to create an open community for veterinary professionals of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Dr. Cary joins us to share why she became an ally of PRIDE, what the organization does to support veterinary professionals in difficult situations, and how individuals can help to create a community of inclusion and acceptance.

Episode Guest


Mia cary


A self-described “change agent,” Dr. Cary’s purpose is to activate others to thrive. She serves as CEO of the Pride Veterinary Medical Community.
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