Episode 34

Digital Footprints: Improved Tracking of Animal Movements

Like it or not, the world is becoming more digitized every day — and the veterinary profession is no exception. Advances in technology have elevated the level of care you can provide your patients, as well as making your day-to-day practice faster, easier, and more efficient.

That too is the goal of the Ohio Department of Agriculture, which is increasing its efforts to educate practitioners on the benefits of electronic certificates of veterinary inspection (eCVI). Despite the availability of simple-to-use apps and innovative software, most of Ohio’s veterinarians continue to submit paper-based health certificates to ODA—a process that is time consuming and tedious for both sides, not to mention more prone to inaccuracies and errors.

In this episode, Dr. Dennis Summers, interim state veterinarian at ODA, joins us to explain why eCVIs are not only easier to use, but vital to ensuring animal health. He describes the benefits of eCVI apps, talks about pain points and workarounds, and discusses how Ohio veterinarians can make the switch.

In part two, we continue our Meet the Board series with OVMA District 1 Representative Dr. Suzanne Savage of Toledo.

Episode Guests


Suzanne Savage


A 1988 Ohio State graduate, Dr. Savage is a small animal practitioner and partner at Reynolds Road Animal Hospital in Toledo.
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Dennis Summers

DVM, dacvpm

A former large animal practitioner, Dr. Summers is Ohio’s state veterinarian and acting chief of ODA’s Division of Meat Inspection.
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