Episode 16

Discussing Racism: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable


Veterinary medicine is considered one of the least diverse professions in America, but with something as ingrained to our society as racism, how do you even begin to correct the problem? According to Dr. Mia Cary, the first step in reversing the trend is to get comfortable with the idea that it’s going to be uncomfortable.

In the introduction to our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine Series, Mia and Krysten welcome Dr. Cary back to the show to break down the complicated and layered subject of racism and discrimination. She explains what racism is, talks about how to be an anti-racist and what it means to be an ally, and explores the importance of self-education and self-assessment in the path to a diverse and inclusive world. 

This episode will set the stage for the next episode, in which we will discuss how veterinarians can create diversity, equity, and inclusion on the practice level.

Episode Guest


Mia cary


A self-described “change agent,” Dr. Cary’s purpose is to activate others to thrive. She serves as CEO of the Pride Veterinary Medical Community.
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