EPISODE 04 » 02|24|2020

Pay it Forward: Volunteers in Veterinary Medicine

Studies have shown that being an active member of a trade organization makes professionals more successful than their non-member colleagues. But how can you get involved?

In this episode of Fully Vetted, Mia and David sit down with AVMA District V Representative and longtime OVMA volunteer, Dr. Robert Knapp, to learn about his commitment to "paying it forward" in the veterinary community.

In the second part of the program, David talks with OVMA District 2 Representative, Dr. Amanda Wagner, to learn more about why she has taken on a leadership role in the Association.

Episode Guests

Robert Knapp

Robert Knapp


A third-generation small animal practitioner, Dr. Knapp is a past president of OVMA and 2014 recipient of the Ohio Veterinarian of the Year Award.

Amanda Wagner

Amanda Wagner


A 2013 graduate of Ohio State, Dr. Wagner is a mixed-animal practitioner in Anna and OVMA's District 2 Representative.