EPISODE 07 » 04|06|2020

Weathering the Storm: Staying Well in Times of Crisis

COVID-19 Survival Series, Part II: Conquering Anxiety See Series »

Veterinary professionals are prone to anxiety under normal circumstances; add in a global crisis like the coronavirus pandemic, and mental health can rapidly deteriorate. Even those who don't normally struggle are feeling the pressure during these uncertain times—not only in themselves, but in colleagues, staff, and clients as well.

When very little is certain and all you can do is contemplate worst-case scenarios, how do you prevent mental health issues from spiraling? In the second episode of our COVID-19 Survival Series, host Mia Cunningham talks to social worker Dr. Jennifer Brandt, whose efforts toward improving the wellbeing of the veterinary community spans two decades.

In the second segment, OVMA Communications Director Krysten Bennett shares a preview of the March/April issue of the OVMA Observer, available for download today in the Members Only Center.

Episode Guests

Jennifer Brandt

Jennifer Brandt


Dr. Brandt is the director of wellbeing, diversity, and inclusion initiatives at AVMA and co-founder of the AAVMC Mental Health Professionals Group.