EPISODE 20 » 10|05|2020

Diversity Discussions: Tough Talks with Family & Friends

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine, Part IV See Series »

Educating your staff about racism and setting practice policies around diversity, equity, and inclusion as an employer—that's one thing. But educating family and friends in a personal setting? That's something else entirely. How do you broach the subject? Do you need to prepare? What if someone doesn't want to participate, or an argument ensues?

In this episode, we continue our discussion with Dr. Mia Cary, who offers advice on how to host productive conversations around race and racism with family and friends and why it's so important to do so.

Episode Guests

Mia Cary

Mia Cary


A self-described "change agent," Dr. Cary's purpose is to activate others to thrive. She serves as CEO of the Pride Veterinary Medical Community.