EPISODE 26 » 04|05|2021

Shades of Gray: How to Identify Reportable Cases of Abuse

Animal Abuse Reporting, Part II: Reporting Case Studies See Series »

Ohio's new law requiring veterinarians to report suspected companion animal abuse has officially gone into effect. Adhering to its requirements sounds simple, but according to Dr. Allison Lash, medical director at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, there are many shades of gray that can make reporting a complicated matter. In today's episode, Dr. Lash explains the process of reporting and what comes after and shares examples of real-life cruelty cases she encountered during her career.

Case Photos
  1. Cat with severe bilateral entropion
  2. Dog with tumor
  3. Matted dog
  4. Matted dog with limb strangulation
  5. Puppy with demodex
  6. Puppy with burns
  7. Dog left in a hot car
  8. Dogfighting
  9. HBC puppy
  10. Hoarding #1
  11. Hoarding #2

Episode Guests

Allison Lash


Dr. Allison Lash is the medical director at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, where she works closely with the humane investigations team.