EPISODE 27 » 04|19|2021

Reporting Animal Abuse: From Ethical Responsibility to Legal Requirement

Animal Abuse Reporting, Part III: Provisions of the Law See Series »

Although reporting cases of animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect has always been a moral obligation in the veterinary community, a newly enacted Ohio law has made it mandatory. It sounds simple in theory (after all, veterinarians take an oath to protect animals) but reality is often more complicated.

So what exactly does this new law require? What are the consequences when you don't report—and when you do? In this episode, OVMA Executive Director Jack Advent and Cleveland APL Medical Director Dr. Allison Lash discuss specific provisions of the new law and tackle your tough questions.

Not sure where to report animal abuse in your county? Visit the National Link Coalition to find out.

Episode Guests

Jack Advent

Jack Advent


Jack Advent is the executive director of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association and past president of the Ohio Society of Association Executives.

Allison Lash


Dr. Allison Lash is the medical director at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, where she works closely with the humane investigations team.