EPISODE 39 » 11|29|2021

Just Keep Swimming: How Water Quality Affects Fish Health

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Aquaculture is a growing area of veterinary medicine, but few veterinarians have extensive experience treating fish patients, making an already tricky science even trickier. According to Dr. Kevin Neves, almost everything related to fish health comes back to one thing: Water quality.

In this episode, Dr. Neves—self-described marine biologist, fish nutritionist, aquatic toxicologist, and fish physiologist—joins us as we continue our 2022 Midwest Veterinary Conference Preview Series. He gives us a glimpse into what he's learned about fish medicine during his two decades of aquaculture research and shares a sneak peek at his upcoming MVC sessions.

Want to dive deeper into fish medicine? Sign up for Dr. Neves' Aquaculture sessions on Saturday, Feb. 19. Attendees will get an overview of internal and external anatomy, a comparison of freshwater and saltwater fish, and types of fish keeping.

Episode Guests

Kevin Neves

Kevin Neves

M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Neves is an assistant professor of marine biology at Bowling Green State University with 20+ years of aquaculture research experience.

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