EPISODE 45 » 01|24|2022

Essential Oil Essentials: Stop and Smell the Healing

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Holistic therapies are growing in popularity among humans, and that trend is spilling over into the animal world as well. Clients are increasingly seeking alternatives to drugs and other traditional treatments—from acupuncture to chiropractic to aromatherapy—for both themselves and their pets. Is this something you should consider adding to your practice?

In this episode, MVC speaker Dr. Carol Falck joins us to talk about essential oil use in veterinary medicine and how she came to practice with it. She gives listeners a sneak peek into what she'll cover during her sessions, including the science behind essential oils, how to evaluate their quality, and case studies showing their effectiveness. She also invites attendees to take their learning to the next level during her hands-on lab at the Conference. Have a listen!

Episode Guests

Carol Falck

Carol Falck


Dr. Falck spent two years as a marine biologist before earning her veterinary degree. She owns a mobile veterinary practice in Georgia, where she specializes in integrative medicine.

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