MVC 2022 Preview Series

Get a sneak peek at the 2022 Midwest Veterinary Conference! Featuring 345+ hours of education with 70+ renowed speakers, the MVC will offer both in-person and virtual components. Sign up for both to get the full experience! Learn more and register online at

Live Episodes


Coming Home to Roost: Backyard Poultry for Small Animal Vets

With Dr. Timothy McDermott

Timothy McDermott

Interest in keeping backyard poultry has been increasing—but the number of veterinarians who see poultry hasn't.


Essential Oil Essentials: Stop and Smell the Healing

With Dr. Carol Falck

Carol Falck

Holistic therapies are growing in popularity among humans, and that trend is spilling over into the animal world as well. Is this something you should consider adding to your practice?


Cat Chat: Learning How to Speak Feline

With Dr. Carlo Siracusa

Carlo Siracusa

Known for being fastidious and aloof, cats are masters at hiding illness—which makes recognizing and interpreting their subtle behaviors all the more important.


Digital Marketing Mastermind: Increasing Your Practice's Visibility Online

With Mahmoud Boutaam

Mahmoud Boutaam

In a world where people are increasingly spending their time online, developing an effective digital marketing plan is a must. But with so many options out there, where do you even start?


The Power of Poop: Fecal Transplants for Treating Disease

With Dr. Jenessa Winston

Jenessa Winston

Poop: It's more than just something that people find gross, fascinating, or grossly fascinating. In fact, it can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions—and researchers are learning more every day.


Liquid Gold: Hunting for Treasure in Tinkle

With Dr. Joe Bartges

Joe Bartges

It's definitely not glamorous, but conducting urinalyses is a necessary part of veterinary medicine—and a critical component of ensuring animal wellness.


In the Big Leagues: Large Animal Medicine for Technicians

With Shana Lemmenes

Shana Lemmenes

Veterinary technicians play a vital role on critical care and surgical teams, but are they ready to deal with large animal emergencies?


Just Keep Swimming: How Water Quality Affects Fish Health

With Dr. Kevin Neves

Kevin Neves

Aquaculture is a growing area of veterinary medicine, but few veterinarians have extensive experience treating fish patients, making an already tricky science even trickier.


In Case of Emergency: Gaining Confidence for Critical Care Cases

With Dr. Christopher Byers

Chris Byers

When it comes to emergencies, veterinary professionals need to be able to think on their feet and make fast decisions. A large part of that is knowing how to identify and interpret clinical signs, but feeling confident enough to do so accurately and quickly also has a big impact on case outcomes.


Taking Stock: Inventory Management for Veterinary Practices

With Nicole Clausen

Nicole Clausen

Inventory management is something that many veterinary practices struggle with, but when stock makes up the second-largest expense, learning how to properly manage your inventory is a necessary evil.